Knowing the special requirements of our customers and implementing them precisely is what distinguishes us as experts in logistics construction. Together, we start where others are afraid to start and where others stop, fabrikon finishes the job! Customer-oriented and sustainable, we provide everything from a single source and bring each construction site to a successful close in a timely, reliable and targeted manner. In other words: You have a site, assign us the task and we do the rest. We hand over a functional building tailored to your needs.

Our wide range of services:

Turnkey construction


  • Site planning concepts
  • Preliminary drafts
  • Planning approval procedures and preparation of building applications
  • Detailed design and drawings for constructive solutions

Structural analysis

  • Stress/structural analyses in the preliminary, design and approval phases
  • Detailed calculations
  • Structural, formwork and reinforcement planning

Technical building services

  • Electrical engineering and HVAC planning
  • Applications for building development
  • Coordination and crash planning
  • Design and comparison of variants

Civil engineering

  • Creation of foundation concepts
  • Cut and fill planning
  • Planning of greenery, outdoor facilities and excavation pits


  • Building Energy Act (GEG) / Federal funding for efficient buildings (BEG)
  • Solar power
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Fossil-free thermal energy supply
  • Building physics calculations

Specialist engineering

  • Drainage application
  • Fire protection concept
  • Concepts for fire suppression systems
  • Noise protection expertise
  • Species protection assessment

Construction management

  • Coordination of all stakeholders in the construction project
  • Assurance of quality, deadlines and costs
  • Coordination with official bodies, authorities and development agencies