Fabrikon  Fabrikgebäude
Fabrikon  Fabrikgebäude
Fabrikon  Fabrikgebäude
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This is fabrikon

fabrikon is a young, dynamic, efficient logistics construction company. It is a joint venture between a highly experienced logistics facilities construction team and Peter Gross Bau. Both contribute their respective strengths to the company.

fabrikon has a dedicated team with over 14 years of experience in the construction of logistics halls and several million mof hall space.

Peter Gross Bau brings over 130 years of entrepreneurial practice, financial solidity and strong backing. Today, with a workforce of some 1,400 employees and an annual turnover of €600 million, it is a very successful company that operates nationwide. Peter Gross Bau brings its many years of experience and expertise in the construction of logistics halls of various sizes to the fabrikon joint venture.

Integrated planning, a high level of service readiness, as well as rapid implementation are the foundation of fabrikon’s activities. We implement all kinds of projects – no matter the size – from 10,000 to 250,000 m². To achieve this, we bundle the strengths of our expert team and always ensure an optimal construction process, which ultimately benefits everyone: our customers, subcontractors and employees.

fabrikon is a joint venture between:

Team of logistics facilities

Strong team of experts

Up to 14 years of experience in logistics construction

Over 100 completed projects

Several million m² of constructed warehouse space

All project sizes (10,000 to 250,000 m²)

Quick implementation and utmost service readiness

Holistic planning

One contact person nationwide

Peter Gross Bau

1.400 employees

600 million € annual turnover

134 years of experience in the 4th generation

High level of expertise

  • Civil engineering and outdoor facilities
  • Precast concrete plants
  • Asphalt and concrete mixing plants
  • Building construction
  • In-situ concrete
  • Building technology
  • Track construction
  • Engineering office

How we work

We construct highly efficient and sustainable logistics facilities that can be used flexibly even after many years. In doing so, we guarantee both the lowest possible management costs for our customers and smooth operation at all times.

You have the property
We will work with you to develop preliminary ideas for the layout of your site.

fabrikon plans
We create designs that fit your requirements and submit the building application.

fabrikon builds
We build your property reliably, on schedule and within budget.

fabrikon hands over turnkey ready buildings
You receive a ready-to-use building … all you have to do is move in.

New Ideas.

Richard Schneider
  • Bricklayer apprenticeship
  • Degree in civil engineering
  • Construction site manager
  • Project manager
  • Sales
  • Branch manager
  • Manager
  • Specialised in logistics facilities since 2005

Our Principles