ERO | Simmern

Project details

14,400 m² logistics centre with production facilities. Special features are both the abundant roof light, suspended conveyor lines for parts and many smaller and larger crane systems. A further highlight is the automated racking system that saves space. It is also interesting to see how production and logistics interact here. The load-bearing structure is made of precast concrete elements, aerated concrete was used for the fire walls and sandwich panels form the outer skin. The office and the exhibition hall are real eye-catchers. Premium materials were used here, the architecture is straightforward and elegant.

Warehouse space
14.400 m²

Office and exhibition space
3.300 m²

Im Industriepark 45
55469 Simmern

Simmerner Straße 20
55469 Niederkumbd

Heerdegen Architekten
Frank Heerdegen
Schulze-Delitzsch-Str. 43
70565 Stuttgart